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RECOMMENDED: Paperback is best recommended to buy for better illustrations and content grasping. [https://www.amazon.com/Learning-eCommerce-basics-Part-ECOMMERCE/dp/B09CFVJCBJ]

About "The eCommerce Series"

The Series will alter your approach to the eCommerce Market. Through this course, a group of eCommerce industry specialists will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to the theory, practice, and management of an eCommerce business. Through this first-ever "The eCommerce Series", we will cover your entire journey in the eCommerce Market.

About this Book (Part 1 of Series)

PART 1: We will start our journey with Part 1 covering the Comprehensive Introduction to eCommerce and its basics. It offers an approach to understanding with a good balance between the technical and managerial topics. It is the essential start to keep pace with technology, strategy, and implementation. Learn the basics, theories, types of eCommerce, marketing, Sales, technical, designing, logistics, and more.

About the Author

Anish Chowdhury is the Founder & Director of a Parent Conglomerate Company which is in Stealth Mode, under which multiple brands are running successfully. One of them worth mentionable Brand for this Series is "ECOMJET". ECOMJET is a company that provides Branding and Marketing services for businesses. In addition to scaling his own brands, he has also been the youngest Business & Technical Mentor for MIT Hackathons & many more. He is pursuing his Bachelor in Aeronautical Engineering and is an enthusiast in UAVs, Structures, and Product Designing.

Prantik K Seal is the Co-founder of ECOMJET, he is a Brand Practitioner with an aim to scale Businesses. He enjoys designing, marketing and loves to code. Tech was always a passion of his as a child, and now he is chasing the goals by impacting Business growths as a Founder of Famentech. He worked with various Software Edu-companies and executed Design & Marketing Projects. He is pursuing Bachelor in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

We talked enough about the basics you needed to know about eCommerce. After reading this book, just go and start interacting in your Business Circle and you will see you are now way better in understanding what they are talking about eCommerce, BUT THAT'S JUST THE START !

In next Part 2,

Prantik K Seal who is a Brand Practitioner and Co-Founder of ECOMJET will be joining us and together we will start our journey into building a Brand from scratch. We will learn about Market Research, Business Plan, Strategic Planning, Growth Hacking, Documentation, and more. We will discuss various case studies, market analytics, forecasting, competitive growth, product/service/idea pitching, and help you build the very first stage of a very strong eCommerce Brand.

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